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….So please, Stop.” -Fiona to the Flame Prince 

:< SO MANY FEELS. Poor Fiona got all burnt. ;^;

idk, I am weird. When I draw my art, I think of things in a story-teller kind of way. 
Like with this picture, In my mind I imagined the flame prince was feeling lonely and hurt; misunderstood. A lot of times loneliness and pain turn into Anger, Hatred and destruction. 
And in the went on a kind of Rampage and was burning the lands of Ooo.

Sometimes, someone just needs to be told that No matter what happens, Someone cares. And that there ARE people that love you.

And Fiona, even knowing she will be hurt - stops him, embracing the prince even though her flesh is burning; and she whispers these few words, 
and he stops. </3

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